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Standards Met
Enduring Understandings
Essential Questions

Goal: To provide math and science teachers with strategies to integrate technology into their classrooms.

Role: Teachers will become team members and collaborate across districts, giving each other critical friend feedback online in collaborative workspaces. They will also visit each others' classrooms.

Audience: K-12 math and and science chairs and teachers in 20 school districts in the greater St. Louis, MO metropolitan area.

Situation: Math and science classrooms need to learn strategies to integrate
technology into teaching practice. The Boeing Corp. will provide a project grant
to fund speakers, substitute pay for release time for classroom visits, and
attendance at the Midwest Education Technology Conference.

Performance/Product: Teachers will upload math and science projects, lessons
and units that have been tried and are successful to the Boeing Grant Moodle
site. Teachers will also commit to doing one collaborative project during the
school year with either another teacher in St. Louis or from another part of the
world. We will help them connect to teachers around the world with common
interests and curriculum goals.
6 Facets of Understanding

Explain: Teachers explain why they want to be a part of this grant project.

Interpret: We will create a Boeing Grant ning and invite teachers to post anecdotes, stories, and pictures about what they are doing in their classrooms on it.

Apply: Teachers use at least 3 strategies from the McREL speaker who was brought in to explain math and science researched strategies.

Have Perspective: Teachers attend the METC conference and write two
reflections,one from a student's perspective who has been a participant in a global classroom, and one from a student who has not.

Empathize: In visiting other classrooms and becoming critical friends, teachers will provide feedback to each other about what they observe.

Self Knowledge: Teachers will document their experiences as they change their teaching practice on a blog.
Building Understanding