UbD Planner Template

Standards Met
Enduring UnderstandingsThe Underground Railroad was a network of people who sheltered runaway slaves as they traveled from slave states towards free states and territories.
United States citizens enjoy tremendous freedoms.
All people have basic human rights which should be respected.
Essential QuestionsHow were escaped slaves seeking freedom assisted in their journey from South to North?
What is freedom?
What are human rights?

Students will empathize with the flight to freedom of a runaway slave in mid-nineteenth century United States.

Students read one of two fictional books about the Underground Railroad.
Students read additional factual materials about the Underground Railroad.
Students write about a secret location on the underground railroad and describe the guardian of this safe haven.
Students provide feedback through blog comments on the writing of other students.

Fourth grade students will connect with other elementary schools interested in the Underground Railroad.

Students connect their classroom learning with other classroom learners through the use of blogs and Google Maps.

Students will write a narrative describing one night spent in a shelter on the Underground Railroad.
Student narratives will be posted on a blog for comments by teachers and peers.
One or more student narratives will be placed on a location on a shared Google Map.
Students will identify a Freedom Trail by linking safe havens described by collaborators in other school.
6 Facets of Understanding

Why would you assist a runaway slave?

Was it right to assist a runaway slave when the law said it was wrong?

Are there ever times when rules can/should be broken? At school? At home?

Have Perspective:
How are we in a position today to be helpful to others with fewer rights?

How would you feel if you were a slave escaping an "owner?"
How would you feel when you met someone helpful on the underground railroad?

Self Knowledge:
What freedoms do you have? What limits do you have?
When are you compassionate and helpful to others?
Building Understanding